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Guinot Hydradermie 

Double Lonisation 


An enhanced and more radiant complexion.

Hydradermie Double Ionisation enables us to provide customised beauty care for different skin types, in order to enhance the complexion.

Due to the unique and revolutionary Double Ionisation process, this treatment is even more effective.

Greater penetration of active ingredients, serum gels reformulated to fulfil beauty aims, new electrodes to treat the entire face, eye contour and neck.

Recognized internationally as one of the most technologically advanced skincare treatments, the Guinot Hydradermie is deeply penetrating and aims to correct skin problems from the inside out.

This advanced non-invasive procedure penetrates active ingredients to bring you amazing results. With a specific gel serum for every beauty goal, we’ve got you covered.


Experience renewed radiance, smoothed features & your skin concerns addressed directly visible results from the first treatment.

Single Treatment or Course of 3

Guinot Beaute Neuve


This gentle peeling facial uses the powerful natural exfoliating properties of fruit AHAs, combined with pure vitamin C and anti-ageing ingredients to boost radiance, reduce pigmentation and re-hydrate and regenerate the skin.

A unique double-peeling system controls the level of exfoliation, protecting and maintaining the skin’s natural pH. Skin is nourished and soothed with an anti-ageing regenerating sérum, and pigmentation is reduced by a melanin-inhibiting vitamin C mask.

Tiredness, stress or natural ageing cause the superficial layers of the epidermis to dry and become congested resulting in a loss of radiance. Guinot’s Beaute Neuve will remove these superfluous cells and help the skin to breathe again, revealing a layer of healthy new cells, through its double peeling function.

Using fruit acids, the treatment begins with the Peel In-gel that separates the dead skin cells from the living cells, followed by the Peel Out Foam that exfoliates the skin to eliminate dead cells and thus stimulating cellular renewal. A Vitamin C mask completes the peeling effect, lightening brown spots and boosting radiance to the skin.

Guinot Aromatic Facial


This holistic aromatherapy treatment uses natural plant extracts and essential oils to balance the skin, soften fine lines and restore radiance.

The hands-on facial is customised to suit each individual skin type and combines digital pressure and relaxing massage routines to instil a feeling of total well being.

Drawing from nature, the Guinot Aromatic Facial offers 10 selected plant extracts and five super concentrates of essential oils to your Guinot therapist to produce an effective customised solution to your skincare needs.

This aromatherapy treatment incorporates a pressure point massage technique to relax your features and release tension. Engulfed with the beneficial energy of the essential oils, your Guinot beauty therapist will conclude the treatment with a tailor-made mask for your skin type.

The treatment balances the skin, restores radiance to your complexion and lifts the senses with a selection of aloe, lemon, orange, ginseng and green tea scents.

Single Treatment or Course of 3

Guinot’s Hydradermie

Lift Yeux


A non-invasive anti-ageing treatment for the eyes.


Guinot’s Hydradermie Lift Yeux uses the latest salon technology to tighten, tone and smooth the skin around the eyes, widening the eye contour and reducing puffiness and under-eye shadows.

To visibly rejuvenate the eyes, eyelids and crow's feet, Hydradermie Lift Yeux stimulates and contracts sub-cutaneous muscles. Plumping muscles, increasing volume and filling in surface signs of ageing.

From the end of the very first session, small wrinkles are erased, crow’s feet are smoothed and eyes look younger by exercising your orbicular muscles.

Single Treatment or Course of 3

Hydradermie Lift



With age, we tend to use our muscles less frequently, causing the skin to lose its tone and contours to slacken.

This treatment lifts the facial features by stimulating the facial muscles. In just a few minutes, the face appears younger and visibly lifted.


The first treatment, you will see the visible results of lifted facial features. The skin has regained its tone and surface wrinkles have faded. This method is like "bodybuilding" for the face.

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