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Get your bum ready for summer with a bikini facial!

As bikinis get tinier, women are exposing more flesh than ever before.

But sometimes skin in those more intimate parts isn’t quite ready for a close-up. Beauty on the spot has just the treatment for wary beachgoers: a bikini-and-bum facial.

While spas have preached the virtues of exfoliating bikini lines to prevent ingrown and other unsightly bumps, the Completely Bare treatment takes things to the next level — not to mention to your posterior.

We gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin, to help prevent ingrown hairs and clogged follicles we carry out a series of steps including extracting, ingrown hair applying lotion to prevent acne, apply a soothing organic mask to close pores and balance the skin to prevent breakouts. And as hard as it may be, keep your hands off ingrown hairs.

“Don’t try to extract your own ingrown hairs with tweezers. You’ll cause trauma to the area and you will end up with scarring,”.

bikini bottom facial beauty treatment EC1

.Bikini Bottom Facial on the Spot. 

Image by Enrique Ortega Miranda

Bikini & Bottom Facial

be balanced on the spot

Bikini Bottom Facial Beauty Specialists



Bikini Bottom Facial Beauty Specialists



Bikini Bottom Facial Beauty Specialists



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