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It was her time working in reconstructive surgery that led Dr Anisha to experience first hand the positive impact enhancements and corrections made to the lives of patients, restoring lost confidence and happiness. This was her calling and passion to drive forward a way better to enhance natural beauty through non-invasive surgery. Dr Anisha is recognised as a qualified specialist in Advanced Aesthetics Medicine. Her work in this field covers Botox, fillers, PDO Thread -lifts as well as her sports and performance Intravenous Infusions to restore and rejuvenate wellbeing.

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At Beauty on the Spot, we put our clients best interests before all else and believe that your aesthetic treatments should be carried out by qualified professionals to ensure that you are truly looked after. We will only work together with those that share this very same principle in putting you first and are therefore proud to be working alongside the lovely Dr Anisha.

As well as attaining her medical degree from Barts & The Royal London in 2005 Dr Anisha was one of a very few trainees that also graduated with an additional degree in Molecular Medicine. She continued her post-graduate training in Anaesthetics with the Royal College specialising as an Intensivist in Critical Care proudly serving the NHS for over 14 years – which makes her an expert with needles and more importantly pain management.

“Knowing that I can make a positive difference to an individual’s life with my aesthetic work is what gets me up in the morning and drives me to work hard to give the best of myself at every opportunity because I genuinely love what I do”.



1  Area:   £210
2 Areas: £230
3 Areas: £250

Areas include:
Glabella Complex

Frown lines


Forehead region

Orbcularis Oculi 

Lines around eyes

Perioral Lines 

Smokers’ lines


Pebble-chin / Chin-augmentation

Depressor Angului Oris 

Downturned smile

Levator Labii Superioris 

Gummy smile



Lip Filler

Juvederm 0.5ml


Lip Filler

Juvederm 1ml


Cheek Filler



Hand Filler


Areas covered:
Nasolabial lines

(Laughter lines)

Marionette lines 

(mouth lines)

Per syringe




With Botox:


Platysmal Bands 

Turkey neck


Nefertiti Lift 

Jowl definition



Jaw reduction



Teeth grinding


With Filler:
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


Tear troughs


Chin augmentation from


Chin & Jawline


.Anti-wrinkle on the Spot.



dermal fillers

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